Tuesday, June 18, 2013

STIC 2013 - video and slides for my talk

I've recovered a bit now from the STIC 2013 conference. The video for my talk "Modern Web Programming with Dart" is now available. I give a very quick overview of Dart and Web Components as approaches to improving web programming. You can also download the slides, which are a bit hard to read in the video.

Other presentations are being added at Jim's site. The most recent is Dan Ingall's keynote talk. On the loose theme of "My Favorite Things" Dan talked a selection of things he's been involved in over the years, starting with some quite interesting history about very early Smalltalk versions and how much they differed from Smalltalk-80, and ranging up through various Squeak projects and a short bit on the Lively Kernel. It includes running versions of some remarkably old software doing some remarkable things. This was part of the historical theme of the conference on the 30th anniversary of Smalltalk-80 being released to the world.

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