Friday, June 1, 2012

Life at Google

It's getting close to being two weeks at Google. First week was in Mountain View, this week in Seattle. Beginning to feel less lost, the people on the team seem great, the perks are pretty cool, and I actually wrote a little teensy bit of real Dart code that got integrated, even if it didn't actually do anything (yet). 

Along with the technology learning curve, lots of fun paperwork to deal with. Here's a bit of trivia: Name the three places outside of the U.S. whose driver's license is accepted by Washington State as sufficient to get one of their drivers licenses without going through the whole testing process? Hint: Ontario is not one of them.

Starting to get the hang of Seattle a bit, though living (spouse-less and cat-less) in corporate housing until we get our house later this month. Tends to make one spend too much time at work, especially as there's free dinner at 6:30. This weekend I need to see if I can find a rec soccer league half as good as the one I left behind in Ottawa and try to get some exercise.

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  1. I work in Fremont neighborhood across from Google offices (at Tableau) and might be able to help out a bit with learning the city. In any case, welcome to Seattle! There are some local tech meetups that may be worth your time and plenty to do out of doors when the weather accommodates. :-)