Thursday, January 26, 2012

STIC Conference Teasers: Dart

At the STIC conferences we are focused on Smalltalk, but also like to present topics that are of interest to a Smalltalk audience. In that vein, our Monday keynote features Eric Clayberg of Google talking about the new Dart language. Dart is a new language for building structured web applications, and has been described by Dart lead engineer Lars Bak as having

  • an object model from Smalltalk
  • compiler optimizations from Self
  • types from Strongtalk
  • concurrency from Erlang
  • syntax from Javascript and C

and has generated a lot of interest and controversy during its short life. Eric describes himself as a "life-long Smalltalker and current Googler" and promises to explain why Dart is "his new second-favorite language".

"One of our key goals with Dart is "toolability", and as the person leading our tooling work, Eric is a key player in the development of Dart. With his extensive Smalltalk background he is a great person to be able to talk to a Smalltalk audience about Dart, the things that are inspired from Smalltalk, and the things it does differently." - Lars Bak, Google Inc.

1 comment:

  1. Now I wish I could be at STIC!

    That said I'm not terribly interested in another C-style syntax. However I imagine something like Amber Smalltalk might be better, and even more ingeniously, implemented in Dart than the current JavaScript interpreter standard.