Monday, October 10, 2011

Google+ Useful

I got an invite to Google+ fairly early on, but up until now I haven't found it all that useful. Right now my ratio of technical to non-technical people in circles stands at 42:1. So it acts a lot like yet another technical news service. But the other day I was looking at some of the posts people made and there were several about talks at the upcoming Splash conference, which combines a number of other conferences, including OOPSLA. I hadn't been to OOPSLA in a few years, but there were some very interesting talks, including Daniel Weinreb on language extensibility in Object-Relational mapping (I don't care if you don't find O/R mapping interesting - I do :-) interesting massively multi-processor research in Smalltalk with Dave Ungar, Ivan Sutherland on getting away from the "prison" sequential computing and a talk from the always-interesting Dave Thomas (OTI / Bedarra) on why modern application development sucks. Lars Bak of newfound Dart fame will also be in attendance.

So now I'm going to go, and it's more or less because of Google+.

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