Thursday, July 28, 2011

OS X Lion

One thing I'm finding annoys me with Lion is the rmemoval of a feature that it turns out I used all the time -what I'll call mini-exposé. In Snow Leopard, if you held down the mouse button on a dock icon, it would show you all the windows associated with that application. Now if you do that it gives you a text list of them, and if you want to see the windows it's a separate menu item. Especially for something like a web browser with tabs, the textual representation isn't nearly as useful. Sigh.

On the plus side, following Travis' instructions it looks like I have syntax highlighting for Smalltalk code working here.

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  1. As an update, I figured out that I can get more or less that behaviour using F10, configurable under the Mission Control settings. I have to be in the application in question, but I can probably live with that.